About Us

FUNDSHARK is a Spendenhai Infotech Private Limited venture. Our company is incorporated under the India Companies Act 1956. We are one of the premier and most advanced digital currency consulting company in India. Our traders add over two decades of combined financial trading expertise to our system with an excellent record.

For a long time India missed out on the tremendous opportunity that the rest of the world had been enjoying in block chain technology. FUNDSHARK allows users with no trading knowledge or understanding in Cryptocurrency to reap the benefits of the relatively new market.


  • Innovation
    We constantly strive to innovate. We are constantly looking for new ideas to archive larger profits to your fund value. In order to achieve the most amount of returns for your investment our annalists are constantly looking for unique and innovative cryptocurrencies to maximize profitability. 

  • Trust
    We believe that the best way to success is to achieve your goals. Our relationships with clients are fostered and based on trust and our performance, which is one of the most important stepping stones towards the success of our company.

  • Focus
    Focus is the gateway to all ones achievements. We believe in focusing all our energy to providing you with the best fund growth and risk management. Thus providing all our clients with the best portfolio possible.